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Go See My Guy is a full-service IT company based out of Whitewood, SK. We opened our doors in April of 2015 with more than 20 years of experience in the industry under our belts.

In this day and age, computer security is more of a priority than ever. We see a lot of businesses that still practise unsafe habits such as never having to enter passwords or putting passwords on post-it notes, etc. We promote security wherever and whenever possible. Layering security is key so that if one layer is breached there are others to back it up. Nothing is ever foolproof but if someone really wants access to something, we like to make it as difficult as possible for them.

Customer service of the highest quality at a fair price is our primary goal. Below is our Business Code of Ethics. We have it printed on the wall of our office over one meter high by two meters wide to remind ourselves every day why we are here. Whenever we run into a situation that we have a tough time making a decision on, we read it over and the answer is often clear. From time to time we have customers bring us to task on it and we appreciate it as well.


Business Code of Ethics

We should have to earn your business.
We need you more than you need us.
We should do what is right for you - not what makes us the most money.
If you don't walk away happy to have done business with us, we have failed.
A job should be done right.  If it isn't, we should make it right.

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